What is “I Opt”?

I OPT® is the name of a assessment tool that measures information processing preferences. This matters because information processing elections are entirely symbolic (i.e., contains no bio-chemical elements inherent in the “feelings” used by alternative methods).

The absence of a bio-chemical element means that the scores of different people can be aggregated. This, in turn, means that “I Opt” can be used to accurately predict the behavior of groups as groups (not just an assembly of individuals). In other words, “I Opt” measures can be used to accurately gauge the inherent capabilities and probable direction of groups without the need for any interviews or direct communication with the group participants.

“…accurately gauge the inherent capabilities and probable direction of groups…”

The “I Opt” Survey and its resultant reports has been academically validated along all eight dimensions of validity simultaneously on a sample of over 14,000 individuals and over 1,000 groups. 

Information processing is the foundation of behavior. Every behavior involves a choice and that choice must be founded on something. That something is information. Thus there is no behavioral area into which “I Opt” cannot reach and make a positive contribution.


“…there is no behavioral area into which “I Opt” cannot reach and make a positive contribution.”

Using “I Opt” & what it’s about 

“I Opt” reports are tools that is founded on Organizational Engineering (OE). This is a “what causes what and why” body of knowledge. It defines human information processing theory and shows how sociology interacts with information processing elections to create the social patterns that everyone sees in ordinary life.

“…[reports] explain the who, what, when, where and why…”

“I Opt” rests on a refined and comprehensive body of thought. However, you do not have to know about electricity to turn on a light. Similarly, it is not necessary to know how “I Opt” works to use it. The reports are transparent. They explain the who, what, when, where and why of an assessment as well as actions that might be used to improve matters.

“…[strategic profiles:] people bring them with them everywhere…”

While “I Opt” does not require special training, users can benefit from developing a deeper understanding of OE. The reports focus on issues that people bring with them everywhere they go. Focusing on these structural elements is what gives “I Opt” its high accuracy and immediate relevance.

Professionals in Human Resources (HR) and Organizational Development (OD) can use “I Opt” can benefit from this tool. 

How “I Opt” Works

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to process information. They all work. But they are different. Each style uses particular kinds of information, has unique methods of “processing” and produces results with particular characteristics. Every strategy is vital to any complex undertaking. However, they address different aspects of situations and can conflict.

In organization design, complementary skills and capabilities are what counts. “Teamwork” is best approached as a sociological phenomenon. No one has to change to work effectively in a group. People just have to be “plugged in” right so that their unique skills and abilities are meshed with those of others on the team. The “I Opt” individual report shows how to begin to go about doing this.

“I Opt” can also help a person identify preferences in work situations. The insights provided could help identify situations where people can make significant contributions and avoid others that are likely to frustrate them. This information can help navigate opportunities and obstacles that arise in the ordinary conduct of a working life.

This information can improve personal productivity and job satisfaction. At the same time, it increases the value of the individual to the organization of which they are a part. “I Opt” is designed to be an inherently “win-win” tool of Organizational Development and design.