World's Top Executive Coach & #1 Authority on Intelligent Leadership

Dr Lou Figueroa is a highly accomplished coach who possesses an extraordinary ability to help executives at all levels look deep inside to discover both their hidden gifts and their greatest opportunities. I am proud to say that Dr. Lou is on our top 5 (out of 450 from 52 countries) of global executive coaches I have had the privilege to work with and certify. Any executive, any organization fortunate enough to work with Dr Lou will find themselves on a powerfully enriching and transformative journey that will bring them bigger and better results…and, who wouldn’t want that?

-John Mattone

Chief Marketing Officer
Assessment 24x7 A Global Leader

"Coach Lou Figueroa is the consummate professional. Well-versed in evidence-based coaching, Coach Lou has been certified and accredited as an Advanced Certified Practitioner by a global leader, Assessments 24x7. As one of the world's Advanced Certified Practitioners, Coach Lou possesses the expertise to skillfully leverage the Five Core Assessments for a "whole-person" approach and understanding of each individual he works with. This whole-person approach to evidence-based coaching with assessments works to enlighten development and ensure exceptional outcomes for each individual and organization he works with. One of the world's first ACPs, Coach Lou is a pioneer bringing better science to coaching & consulting."

-Matthew Dickson

CEO of Perfect Alignment Resources, Inc

Coach Lou is not a typical professional coach in the human resources development field. He brings personal grace, patience, and attention to each of his training, whether the training is provided to a group or an individual. His style is inclusive and supportive, enabling an individual to flourish through a collaborative approach involving self-reflection and personalized leadership skills development. I attest to the strong transformative effect of Coach Lou’s teaching style and a unique proprietary program that he delivers. The staff that I have witnessed as former COO of a 250 staff not-for-profit organization going through Coach Lou’s program has emerged as more productive, more collaborative, and more open-minded individuals, particularly around continual self-improvement. "


CEO of RJP Enterprises

-Fernando Rodriguez