Unleashing Your True Potential

Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet yet most of the time used in English as the last, best or final nature of something. Mindset is the collection of thoughts & beliefs. Omega Mindset is the synergistic combination of Intelligent Leadership with psychometric assessments to solve leadership gaps, challenges and blindspots Personally & Professionally.

Omega Mindset Consulting Designs Futures with the End in Mind with never ending improvement with Global Impact thru Coaching, Training and Leadership Consulting. We serve Personal and Professional growth on transformational Intelligent Leadership with psychometric assessment results. We exist to help leaders lead in Life, Leadership and Organizational Development.


Lou Figueroa

Dr. Luis A. Figueroa (Dr. Lou) is President of Omega Mindset Consulting, for coaching, training, and Leadership consulting. Coach Lou as a Master IL Executive Leadership Coach with a mandate to help individuals and organizations unlock and unleash their greatness moving the needle using Intelligent Leadership with psychometrics assessments to transform the World. Designing futures with the End in Mind.

Working with FBO’s and CBO’s for 25 years Dr. Lou became an Accredited Ontological Senior Coach 2017 using the whole being of individuals and personally certified as a Master IL Global Executive Coach by John Mattone, (former coach to Steve Jobs) the World’s Top Executive Coach and #1 authority of Intelligent Leadership (IL) At the Master Level with the IL philosophy signifies that Dr. Lou has learned and mastered one of the respected Premier Global Executive Coaching development programs. As a respected International thought Leader John Mattone who leads the JMG Team recognizes Dr. Lou as a top 5 (out of 450 from 52 Countries)

Currently, Coach Lou is recognized #16th as an Internationally Advanced Certified Practitioner (ACP) using psychometric assessments for never ending improvements with specialized training, per assessment possessing the most comprehensive skill set as one expert in all five Core Assessments with added perspective and nuanced understanding that only comes from training with all five instruments.

Prior to coaching Dr. Lou has been a spiritual leader, speaker and non-profit adviser/Board member for over 25 years. He is a teacher, non-profit/corporate trainer, workshop leader, speaker and consultant. Guiding and building individuals and organizations in their Personal/Professional journey with the End in Mind. Dr. Lou is bilingual in English and Spanish, originally from New York now residing in Pennsylvania. Happily married for 26 years with two University graduate children from (NYU) New York University and (UVF) University of Valley Forge respectively which both are in Master’s programs for education and leadership. Coach Lou is passionate on leadership, love of humanity and unleashing individuals/organizations.

Today Dr. Lou holds a Ph.D. in leadership and offers a wide range of programs and services - from Executive Coaching, Life coaching, Business Coaching, Non-Profit and Corporate training, workshops, seminars, Leadership consulting and keynote speeches using the Intelligent Leadership philosophy and ACP psychometric assessments.

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Unleashing Your
True Potential

We will walk in a journey together “Hip to Hip” with consciousness of tomorrow. Designing the Future igniting leading indicators from the inside for Global Impact with the Omega Mindset. Learning more about yourself and your organization. Ideal to serve Executives, Entrepreneurs & Emerging Leaders. Executive Coaching for Personal, Business, Leadership development with measurable results.


Our Vision
Is Your Dream


    The 4 A’s are a metric with all the elements of achieving success as a leader for a Living Legacy . It’s achieved and realized by igniting and strengthening a leaders inner-core and outer-core to leverage as leaders in business and life.
  • By walking in your journey with our 5 POWERFUL & TRANSFORMATIONAL PHASES.

    AWARENESS: The WHY, ASSESSMENT: The WHO, Analysis: The HOW, ACTION: The WHAT, ACHIEVEMENT: The WHO you must become
  • Organizations that Grow & Sustain have Leaders who grow & sustain; the two go hand in hand. Along with Psychometric measurements for what is measured will improve.
  • RESULTS transform when CULTURE transforms. CULTURE transforms when BEHAVIOR transforms. BEHAVIOR transforms when MINDSETS transform-JMG