The 5 Cultures of Culture Assessment (5CCA)

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Just because your organization measures employee engagement, does not mean there is no need to also measure culture. Based on the Mattone Method research, about 75% of organizations measure the engagement levels of their employees, yet only 15% measure culture. Yet it is culture that drives engagement! As John Mattone details in his best-selling release, Cultural Transformations, senior executive teams need to take the view that their culture and what makes up their culture are the true “leading indicators” that will drive sustained operating success. The 5 Cultures of Culture Assessment (5CCA) is a 40-item assessment that measures the strength and health of your overall current culture, based on the 5 elements that define culture: Capability Culture; Commitment Culture; Alignment Culture; Individual Performance Culture; and Team Performance Culture.

The 5CCA is one of the most unique and popular Culture Assessments in the market today because it is built based on research and proven culture constructs and models that John Mattone and the team have researched and uncovered working with global organizations over the past 30 years. The 5CCA generates a powerful and revealing 52-page report detailing the strengths and gaps in your culture. Unlike the culture assessments offered by other consulting firms Omega Mindset Consulting makes it easy for you to start using and benefitting from the power of the 5CCA .

In addition to receiving the 52-page 5CCA Report, most clients request additional services from Omega Mindset, which include having him:

(a) conduct a 2-hour 5CCA Virtual Debrief to gain his insights, perspective and interpretation of their 5CCA Report findings; or

(b) conduct a Cultural Advisory half-day or full-day session to debrief the 5CCA results and plan next steps.