Assessment-Driven Individual Leadership Development Planning (ILDP) Tool

One of the biggest obstacles to developing and strengthening a leader is that they don’t know how to create accurate and actionable development plans from the wealth of information they have at their disposal. How does a leader interpret and leverage their performance reviews, self-reviews, 360 assessment results, and objective assessment results and build an accurate, actionable leadership development plan? Most leaders, have no idea how to do this and most organizations while their intent is good, simply fall short in helping their leaders with this challenge.

The Mattone Method Blueprint Assessment-Driven Individual Leadership Development Planning (ILDP) Tool has been designed to help leaders and organizations meet this challenge head-on. This roadmap provides the place for creating and implementing comprised of 18-pages that will help you clearly identify your (1) indisputable strengths; (2) indisputable development needs; (3) surprise strengths; and (4) surprise development needs, so you can build and implement a targeted leadership development plan. This powerful tool has been used by thousands of global leaders to help them create an accurate, targeted individual leadership development plan using the Mattone Method’s proven 6-step approach to crafting and implementing an actionable leadership development plan that delivers “game-changing” results you deserve.